Monday, August 30, 2010

O the Weekend, how I love you!

I love the weekends in Chicago. There is always so much to do and it always makes for a good time with good friends. 

Saturday a group of us went to Greek fest. We ate some really delicious gyros and enjoyed the festive atmosphere! (Sorry Debby the crazy lady taking the picture cut you out)

After Greek fest we walked from Greek town to Grant Park. It was an adventurous little walk. 

We climbed under the bridge over the river and watched as boats went under us. I have heard about these things since freshman year and have always wanted to do it.
 While at Grant Park, Alexis, Katie, Elizabeth and I decided that we wanted to be adventurous and so we each took turns jumping the fence and climbing into BUCKINGHAM FOUNTAIN. I had so much fun scheming with these girls about our plan of action and then laughing so hard after we each about died jumping back over the fence.
 Sunday our apartment actually got to feel like a real apartment. We invited a group of friends over for dinner and dessert. I made a baked pasta dish, garlic bread and chocolate cake for dessert. It was our first time having people over for dinner. It was nice having a fun chill place to hang out and eat dinner. We also had loads of fun watching lots of dumb youtube videos and reminiscing about our favorite bands during our middle school years. Yes, NSYNC and backstreet boys were at the top of the list.

Now its back to the grime of a week of classes. Next weekend is a 3 day weekend and I am super excited for even more adventures.

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