Monday, June 28, 2010

ooohhh what a day!!!!

Today was a really hard day at the CWC. There was lots of fighting going on between the women and it lead to a lot of women being asked to leave. It was hard because I was doing case managing with Tonya and so I had to sit in on lots of move out notice meetings. Along with that came lots of screaming and arguing. I helped move out 6 ladies today.By the time is was time for me to go home, I was emotionally exhausted. I am still processing the day.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

T-minus one week until I am in Florida!

A week from today I will be in Daytona Beach, Florida, looking at this beautiful scenery!!!
And this beach bum will be with me too!! As well as the rest of my family!!

I am really excited to get away and relax on the beach for a week! I look forward and count down to this every year!

Week 3!!

This week was really routine at the internship. Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary....well at least not for out of the ordinary there. But I did learn some valuable lessons this week that I thought I'd share

Lesson 1~ I often wear my emotions on my face and that is not always good.
     I was in charge of  childcare on Wednesday afternoon for an all staff training and I wasn't too happy about having to sit and for 2 hours and just watch kids take their naps and then get them all up ready to go and fed before their moms came by myself. After the kids woke up I was putting shoes on and cleaning up the cots and blankets when Tequan (age 3) came over to get his shoes on and said "Miss Gabby you don't look happy? What's wrong?" I had been trying to put on a happy face and act like I didn't mind being put down in childcare because of being understaffed but between 4screaming preschoolers, lost shoes and a sneaky 15 year I had lost the smile on my face. Taqan's words really hit me because I know that these kids really know what it means not to be happy for real reasons and not just personal preferences. Yet I had chosen to have a bad attitude because I was the one "stuck" in childcare and yet these kids and women at the CWC choose to have a good attitude despite being homeless and without many of the things that we take for granted. I needed that reminder to know that I should always be thankful no matter what because God has blessed me with so much.

Lesson 2~ If you give a CWC guest some need items she just might try to steal want items and then cuss you out! :)

Ok so I have dealt with a lot of people here in the inner city including kids, cussing me out over different things over the years even when you are trying to help. But this week this lady at the CWC just really struck me because I had helped her so much that day. I had helped her case manager get things together for her to get some new clothes, new glasses and  a  ride to doctor appointments, I had sat and listened to her story just hours before and heard her weep as she reflected on a life that was less than perfect.
I was sitting in the office filling out my paper work before I left for the day and she had came in trying to get in the Meds cabinet to get some pain meds but it was locked. SHe became angry and just stomped around the office. Well then she thought no one was looking...and they weren't cause I was the only one in there and I wasn't looking :) I looked up when I heard the door start to open again and she was trying to get out the door with a bunch of the newly donated items that were sitting in the office. I told her that she couldn't have them because they weren't hers. She became very upset and through the bag down and then proceeded to call me every name in the book. God really granted me patience to just stop and pray for her. SHe needs prayer and that is  the biggest and only  thing I can really offer her.

Things to pray about:
* I am working on my special project for my internship and am trying to get things ready for a surprise/secret event that I am planning for the entire CWC. I am in  need of craft supplies, meals, prizes and other event supplies. Please pray that these things will be donated so the event can take place successfully and with all the planned activities that go with it. (More to come on this special project when the secret can be told :0 )

*Pray for me as this next week I will be allowed to do some case managing /intakes on my own with the supervision of the case managers. I am a little nervous and I want to make sure I am really a help and not just waisting their and my time.

*Pray for my family as we get ready to go on vacation next week. We are leaving on Friday and this week is packed with things that need to get done.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Week 2 :)

Sorry this is so late. Yes I know that it is almost the end of week 3 but I wanted to make sure I did write about week 2. :)

This week was pretty average. There was lots of child care and case managing thrown in with a little bit of classes and meetings. All with the exception of Tuesday.
Tuesday was a long day but ended up being fun. I went to Chicago with one of the case managers at the Center to take one of the ladies to an appointment. The appointment was just waiting for 90 minutes and then the lady signing one piece of paper work. It was kind of crazy the whole thing but the good thing was that it got done. After paying $25  for the 1.5 hour parking, we  set out to get good Chicago food and maybe possibly do a little shopping. We ended up parking at Moody and walking over to Michigan ave to avoid anymore high parking costs! I took Tonya, the case manager, and the lady to Ghiradelli for a free piece of chocolate, Macy's at Water tower so Tonya could get her shopping fix in,Garrets popcorn and then Portillos for lunch. Have you ever tried to show someone who speaks Russian and very broken English around a big city. It is not easy.We lost her a couple of times in Macy's and had to call for her several times as we went to cross streets.
Overall is was a good trip. I felt like tour guide Barbie pointing things out. It was good to be in the city even though just for the day. The city is so alive in the summer, it was crazy.

Please Pray this week for the CWC guest that we took up to Chicago. There is a lot going on in her life right now and she so badly needs to see the love of Christ lived out in those around her.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Week 1 :)

So I finished my first week at CWC on Friday. Boy, was it an eventful week. I am really loving every minute there and the staff and women are great to work with. I did a little bit of everything this week. Childcare, reception, intake of new women coming in, case managing...I even helped make dinner one night. Chicken pot pie:)
On wednesday, I did childcare all by myself all day while the staff were were in training. It was crazy but a lot of fun. I learned how much patience Allison, the normal teacher, must have. For most of the day I had 8 kids and then at the end of the day I had 10. They ranged from age 3 to 15. Here are some pics of my fun filled day with the kids.
This is Lukyan! He is 4years old and has the sweetest smile. He has become my little buddy. He will see me from across the dining room and will yell "MS. GABBY,MS. GABBY!!!!!" until his Mom makes him be quiet.
This is Taquan! He is 3 years old. He is quiet but he is mischievous at times. He loves riding the tricycle in the gym.
This is Jayana! She is Ms. Boss Lady. She's 5 and in charge. She loves having the lilttle boys, Lukyan and Taquan do what ever she doesn't work so well with the big kids.

This is a picture of most of the kids I had on Wednesday. We made lots of crafts to keep us busy because it was too hot to play outside. They are all wearing their visors that we decorated.
I love these kids! They can wear on your patience at times but they just need a little love! Please join me in praying for the kids who are staying at the Center. They each are such a blessing in my life already!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sweet Summer time!

Since I haven't really updated this in a while besides the internship post I just posted, I thought I'd  post a little up date of what I did in between getting done with school and starting my internship.

* I went to a Cubs game with Elizabeth right before leaving Chicago(Thanks to parents for the tickets!)
*Came home for a night
* Went out to Missy's Grandparents house in Crawfordsville,IN to meet up with Missy and Katie. I stayed out there for a couple of days and had a lot of fun. Hanging out with them was just what I needed to chillax after a stressful week of finals. I got to know each of them so much better. I am so used to seeing them everyday, I miss them both. Missy is in China and Katie is in Iowa.
* I spent the next week and a half hanging out with my fam. We did a bunch of fun things like: planting the garden  and going to the zoo. We also went camping over Memorial Day weekend down in Cave City, KY. On Sunday dad, Beth, Will and I drove up and went to the race. It was fun but really hot. Almost too hott to bear. I loved being at the track, I had been afraid that I was going to go a whole May without ever going but someone ended up giving us tickets.
*We also had the girls' graduation. Its crazy that my 2 little sisters are all grown up and graduated.

And now I head into the rest of my summer with lots to do and more adventures to come.
The last few weeks have been pretty crazy. The end of the semester is always pretty crazy and brings lots of late nights and surprises.There were papers to write, finals to study for and then all the end of the year activities. I tend to let myself get pretty stressed out at this point of the semester and this semester was no different than the others. This semester did end up ending on a good note. Junior year at Moody was definitely a great year filled with lots of fun with a lot of good friends.
One thing that ended up causing a lot of stress was my internship. I found out during finals week that the internship that I thought I had in place in Tennessee was no longer a go.There ended up being some issues with that came up at their board meeting and they canceled all internships for the summer. That left me a little stuck and not sure what to do. God has been so good and has provided open doors since then. It looks like I'll be in Indy for the summer.
I gained an internship at the Wheeler Mission center for women and children (Comonly called the care center). I am really excited about this oppurtunity and working with the women and kids there and also the staff I will be working with. I started on Wednesday and was quickly put to work helping in a wide variety of things. I hope to keep this blog updated with all the new and exciting things I will be doing this summer at my internship.