Friday, June 25, 2010

Week 2 :)

Sorry this is so late. Yes I know that it is almost the end of week 3 but I wanted to make sure I did write about week 2. :)

This week was pretty average. There was lots of child care and case managing thrown in with a little bit of classes and meetings. All with the exception of Tuesday.
Tuesday was a long day but ended up being fun. I went to Chicago with one of the case managers at the Center to take one of the ladies to an appointment. The appointment was just waiting for 90 minutes and then the lady signing one piece of paper work. It was kind of crazy the whole thing but the good thing was that it got done. After paying $25  for the 1.5 hour parking, we  set out to get good Chicago food and maybe possibly do a little shopping. We ended up parking at Moody and walking over to Michigan ave to avoid anymore high parking costs! I took Tonya, the case manager, and the lady to Ghiradelli for a free piece of chocolate, Macy's at Water tower so Tonya could get her shopping fix in,Garrets popcorn and then Portillos for lunch. Have you ever tried to show someone who speaks Russian and very broken English around a big city. It is not easy.We lost her a couple of times in Macy's and had to call for her several times as we went to cross streets.
Overall is was a good trip. I felt like tour guide Barbie pointing things out. It was good to be in the city even though just for the day. The city is so alive in the summer, it was crazy.

Please Pray this week for the CWC guest that we took up to Chicago. There is a lot going on in her life right now and she so badly needs to see the love of Christ lived out in those around her.

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