Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sweet Summer time!

Since I haven't really updated this in a while besides the internship post I just posted, I thought I'd  post a little up date of what I did in between getting done with school and starting my internship.

* I went to a Cubs game with Elizabeth right before leaving Chicago(Thanks to parents for the tickets!)
*Came home for a night
* Went out to Missy's Grandparents house in Crawfordsville,IN to meet up with Missy and Katie. I stayed out there for a couple of days and had a lot of fun. Hanging out with them was just what I needed to chillax after a stressful week of finals. I got to know each of them so much better. I am so used to seeing them everyday, I miss them both. Missy is in China and Katie is in Iowa.
* I spent the next week and a half hanging out with my fam. We did a bunch of fun things like: planting the garden  and going to the zoo. We also went camping over Memorial Day weekend down in Cave City, KY. On Sunday dad, Beth, Will and I drove up and went to the race. It was fun but really hot. Almost too hott to bear. I loved being at the track, I had been afraid that I was going to go a whole May without ever going but someone ended up giving us tickets.
*We also had the girls' graduation. Its crazy that my 2 little sisters are all grown up and graduated.

And now I head into the rest of my summer with lots to do and more adventures to come.

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