Sunday, June 27, 2010

Week 3!!

This week was really routine at the internship. Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary....well at least not for out of the ordinary there. But I did learn some valuable lessons this week that I thought I'd share

Lesson 1~ I often wear my emotions on my face and that is not always good.
     I was in charge of  childcare on Wednesday afternoon for an all staff training and I wasn't too happy about having to sit and for 2 hours and just watch kids take their naps and then get them all up ready to go and fed before their moms came by myself. After the kids woke up I was putting shoes on and cleaning up the cots and blankets when Tequan (age 3) came over to get his shoes on and said "Miss Gabby you don't look happy? What's wrong?" I had been trying to put on a happy face and act like I didn't mind being put down in childcare because of being understaffed but between 4screaming preschoolers, lost shoes and a sneaky 15 year I had lost the smile on my face. Taqan's words really hit me because I know that these kids really know what it means not to be happy for real reasons and not just personal preferences. Yet I had chosen to have a bad attitude because I was the one "stuck" in childcare and yet these kids and women at the CWC choose to have a good attitude despite being homeless and without many of the things that we take for granted. I needed that reminder to know that I should always be thankful no matter what because God has blessed me with so much.

Lesson 2~ If you give a CWC guest some need items she just might try to steal want items and then cuss you out! :)

Ok so I have dealt with a lot of people here in the inner city including kids, cussing me out over different things over the years even when you are trying to help. But this week this lady at the CWC just really struck me because I had helped her so much that day. I had helped her case manager get things together for her to get some new clothes, new glasses and  a  ride to doctor appointments, I had sat and listened to her story just hours before and heard her weep as she reflected on a life that was less than perfect.
I was sitting in the office filling out my paper work before I left for the day and she had came in trying to get in the Meds cabinet to get some pain meds but it was locked. SHe became angry and just stomped around the office. Well then she thought no one was looking...and they weren't cause I was the only one in there and I wasn't looking :) I looked up when I heard the door start to open again and she was trying to get out the door with a bunch of the newly donated items that were sitting in the office. I told her that she couldn't have them because they weren't hers. She became very upset and through the bag down and then proceeded to call me every name in the book. God really granted me patience to just stop and pray for her. SHe needs prayer and that is  the biggest and only  thing I can really offer her.

Things to pray about:
* I am working on my special project for my internship and am trying to get things ready for a surprise/secret event that I am planning for the entire CWC. I am in  need of craft supplies, meals, prizes and other event supplies. Please pray that these things will be donated so the event can take place successfully and with all the planned activities that go with it. (More to come on this special project when the secret can be told :0 )

*Pray for me as this next week I will be allowed to do some case managing /intakes on my own with the supervision of the case managers. I am a little nervous and I want to make sure I am really a help and not just waisting their and my time.

*Pray for my family as we get ready to go on vacation next week. We are leaving on Friday and this week is packed with things that need to get done.

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  1. Gabby, you will be amazing with your cases. With your kind and sincere heart, you really can't go wrong. I will be praying, but you're ready! :]