Saturday, June 5, 2010

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy. The end of the semester is always pretty crazy and brings lots of late nights and surprises.There were papers to write, finals to study for and then all the end of the year activities. I tend to let myself get pretty stressed out at this point of the semester and this semester was no different than the others. This semester did end up ending on a good note. Junior year at Moody was definitely a great year filled with lots of fun with a lot of good friends.
One thing that ended up causing a lot of stress was my internship. I found out during finals week that the internship that I thought I had in place in Tennessee was no longer a go.There ended up being some issues with that came up at their board meeting and they canceled all internships for the summer. That left me a little stuck and not sure what to do. God has been so good and has provided open doors since then. It looks like I'll be in Indy for the summer.
I gained an internship at the Wheeler Mission center for women and children (Comonly called the care center). I am really excited about this oppurtunity and working with the women and kids there and also the staff I will be working with. I started on Wednesday and was quickly put to work helping in a wide variety of things. I hope to keep this blog updated with all the new and exciting things I will be doing this summer at my internship.

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