Monday, August 9, 2010

One Big Happy CWC Family!

Today was the big day for my internship...the Center For Women and Children family style picnic. It was my "special" project for my internship to plan the event and put it on for the guests and staff. I had a lot of fun. It would take to long to describe everything that went on so I'll bullet point it and then add lots of pics!
  • We had about 60 people come, including guests, staff and their families.
  • LOTS OF FOOD! My dad was great and volunteered to do  all the cooking and it was great! 
  • Swimming in Lake Monroe! Kids and adults alike loved getting cooled off in the lake. In 94 degree heat the water was definetly a blessing.
  • BINGO! We played rounds of Bingo under the shelter and the ladies loved it!
  • TIE DYE! Everyone got the opportunity to tie dye t-shirts. For many of them it was their first time getting to do that and they absolutely loved it!
  • Cookie Decorating! we had lots of beach themed sugar cookies and everyone got to decorate them and then eat them!

I am sad that Friday is my last day at the center. The summer has flown by and a little piece of my heart will be left at the CWC when I head back to Chicago. I have grown to love and really care for the guests and staff. They are my Big happy CWC family!

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