Friday, July 30, 2010

Livin' it up in the Motor CIty!

This past weekend I had a chance to go up to Detroit and visit Elizabeth. It was really good to see her and get to hang out with her for the weekend.I had a wonderful time seeing the ministry she works with. Lifebuilders is a really cool ministry and the people who are in charge are really great. I got to meet some of the kids that they minister to in the local area, help with the resale shop and then go to church with the whole group on Sunday.

Here is a pic of me with a bunch of the kids from the neighborhood. Right after I arrived on Friday, we went down this one block in the bus and just honked the horn and these kids  just came pouring out of 3 different houses ready to go not even knowing where we were going :)  They were such a joy to be around and so happy.

On Saturday we hun out in the resale shop in the morning then went to the mall in the afternoon and got pedicures and just spent girl time talking and catching up. Later that evening we caught up with Steve and went to dinner and then a Tiger's game. I'm not one to be super into baseball but it was fun.

On Sunday we went to church at an inner city church where the pastor had been connected with LIfebuilders. The service was different than I am used to but it was really good. I love seeing th different ways people worship God. The sermon was so convicting but so good. It was about sharing the Gospel with people we come in contact with everyday. I felt so encouraged after church.

I had a wonderful time in Detroit with Elizabeth. I was so encouraged and it was nice to get away and rest and relax.Life at home this summer has been good but lliving with my big family nothing is really relaxing or restful. It was a nice break.

JOin me in praying for:
  • Elizabeth as she finishes up her last few days in Detroit.
  • The teens @ lifebuilders that have made desicions to give their lives to Christ recently and need encouragement as they grow in their faith.

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