Sunday, June 9, 2013

Take me out to the Ball Game....

This weekend my dad had the fun idea to get all of my little sibs in their baseball/softball uniforms and have a little photo shoot. It was fun spending time at the baseball field taking pics of my family and our time ended with a little home run derby competition which was super fun. So get ready because here is a picture overload of a few of my favorite shots!

6 different team = 6 crazy different schedules this season

Oh Timmy, he didn't play baseball this year and you could often find him on the bleachers reading a book.

1st time ever playing softball and Taylor rocked the pitchers mound this season. 

These two represented their high school on the baseball and softball teams. I am so proud of them and their good attitudes through all the "politics" of Highschool sports!

Taylor's team were the Saints as in Saint Bernards. Taylor came with her own mascot!!

Oh and P.S. Timmy won the SCIENCE FAIR! 
The family genius did an awesome science fair project and won first place for the whole school.

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  1. what an awesome family you have! that's a lot of ball players :) congrats to your brother on the science fair - great job! have a blessed day!