Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Girls Weekend 2012~ Chicago

Reunited and it feels so good...

I got to spend this past weekend with my best friends and it was absolutely delightful! We had so much fun together and I really just loved being with each of them. I was so thankful to have Monday off from work (Happy Columbus Day!!) so I could enjoy the long weekend in my favorite city with my favorite people. 

I drove up to Chicago on Friday night right after I got off work. I met up with the girls downtown Chicago and we got dinner at Chili's. That place holds a lot of memories for us, so it was fun to reminisce and enjoy an old fave. After dinner, we went back to Ebeth's and watched a movie (ok kinda watched a movie), The Five year Engagement. It is an awful movie with no story line and some real inappropriate parts, we were not fans.  I also got to see Bethany, one of my old roommates. It was good to see her! (side note: Bethany is a rockstar and ran the Chicago Marathon this Weekend!) 

Saturday was a lot of fun! We had a jam packed day, full of activities, with enough activities to last for months! We started our day with coffee, cinnamon rolls and good conversations. Deb taught me how to froth creamer to make my coffee more latte like! We then drove down and met up with Jess at Moody. From there we went to lunch at Chick-fil-a, shopping on State Street and then a movie (another one I don't reccommend: The Perks of Being a Walflower). We then headed up to the Southport/ Wrigleyville area for dinner at Blue Bayou and an improv show at Improv Olympics.  We then ended the night with a little Korean karaoke session at Lincoln Karaoke. We had so much fun belting out some fun songs. 

Sunday was a lot more chill but still lots of fun! It was sad though in a sense because Missy left for home early Sunday morning, before any of us were awake.  She had to get back to Michigan for Choir later Sunday. Katie and I went to Harvest Bible Chapel for Church and then met up with Elizabeth for lunch at Red Robbin (Yum!). We then went and treated ourselves to some delicious frozen yogurt at Red Mango! We then went over to Miriam's house and I got to meet her sweet baby girl Jasmin. She is so so adorable! It was really good to see Miriam, Erica and Eric too. I really miss their little family  and so I was so glad to get to spend a little bit of time with them while I was in town. It broke my heart a little bit when Miriam asked me when I was coming back to Lydia, I don't think she quite understands that I'm not coming back to work there. Saying goodbye to them was hard but it wasn't goodbye rather see you later. 

Later, we chilled and watched some of the Bears game and Ebeth and I tried to teach Katie a little about football. Debby joined us and then we went bowling. Katie had bought a groupon for this bowling place a while ago so we decided to go! bowling is one of our little group of friends' favorite things to do. We seem to always go bowling when we are together. Bowling was super fun, only part missing was the boys to buy us ice cream after we beat them.  After dropping Deb off we  I HAD  to stop and get a Sprinkle's cupcake. I hadn't had one in so long and was really craving one. It was another for old times sake thing to do as well. We used to go to Sprinkles like 1x a week or more while at Moody. 

Katie and I both headed are separate ways on Monday morning. She headed back to Iowa and I headed back home to Indy. I was able to stop by Moody and have breakfast with Abby before hitting the road. It was so good to see her! We went to Yolk, which is delicious! We had some good conversation and just enjoyed catching up. I miss her tons and so I was thankful for our time together. 

Man, it was such a good weekend. I am so blessed to have such great friends that live close enough that we can get together. I hope that we make a point to continue to have these girls weekends through out the years to come. These girls mean so much to me and I  really value our friendships. I am excited to see where God continues to take each of us. 

For the 2 of you that read this blog, please be in praying for each of my dear friends.  

* Debby is starting a new nannying job in Chicago this week
*Missy and her husband Steve are working and also helping in different parts of ministry at their church in Michigan.
* Katie is working in Iowa and also helping with a new Harvest Church Plant in Mason City
*Elizabeth is working at Lydia Urban Academy and Lydia Learn and Care
* Jess is finishing up her final semester at Moody and may be getting a teaching job in the spring

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