Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy 15th Birthday William Noah!

Today is my little brother Will's 15th birthday. I can't believe this kid is already 15, he has grown up way to fast! Will and I have always been close and even more so now that he is getting older. We are so much a like and I see so much of myself in him (the good and the bad). Will, like all of my siblings, has a special place in my heart and has taught me so many lessons in life. Will started teaching me from the first day he was born. Will was born with a heart defect where the valves that pump the blood in and out of the heart were switched and so his blood was not getting the oxygen it needed. From that first day he was born, Will taught me to trust God through the hard times. This was the first major "hard" thing, that I can remember, our little family of 5 (and then Will made 6) had ever had to deal with. For 3 weeks, my little 7 year old self, begged God to heal Will and bring him home from the hospital and during that time I learned to trust God as I had never had to before. This lesson repeated itself over and over again with Will being the means to which God taught me to trust him. Like when Will broke his leg very badly and was hospitalized the night before my graduation, or when he had what was thought to be tumor in his mouth.Over and over again I have learned to trust God more, because of Will. I am so thankful him and his love for God and others. I am so excited to see what God has in store for him as he becomes a Godly young man.


Happy Birthday Little Brother!!!! 

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  1. thank you for following me! what a beautiful story. wish i had a little brother : )