Thursday, November 18, 2010

A busy month...a catch up of my last month

The month of October was an extremely busy month and so I neglected to blog through my busyness. Even through the busyness it was a such a fun month. It's also been a month that God has taught me a lot. I have also been able to have a lot of fun with friends and do a ton of homework in between.

In the middle of October we had Study Reading days..aka Fall break. Missy, Katie, Elizabeth, Jessica and I took a road trip to Nashville,TN. It was so much fun. I love those girls and spending a four days in Nashville was GREAT!

At the beginning of the November Moody hosted a Lacrae concert. It was so much fun even though I'm not really into rap music. I now like it so much more. The different rappers that performed did a really great job of presenting the gospel during the show.

This past weekend I got to spend a very relaxing weekend in Crawfordsville,Indiana at Missy's grandparent's house. A group of us drove down there last Thursday and stayed until Saturday evening. We got to enjoy some beautiful weather, a fun hike at Turkey Run, Shopping with Nini and just hanging out at the house. We also enjoyed their HUGE tv... watching The Blues Brothers was great on the big screen. Laughing and poking fun at Missy and Steve was fun too! 

I think one of the best things about my friends here at Moody is that we can have fun together no matter where we are. Chicago, Nashville, Crawfordsville and anywhere in between we always have such a great time together. I've decided that my friends are pretty much the best! 

God has definitely blessed me with putting some great people in my life.

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