Tuesday, October 5, 2010

MEET ANNABELL & Lanardo!!!

AKA: Ayanna & Landon!

Meet numbers 9 & 10 to join the Glaser gang! 
They have been at our house for over a year and a half in foster care. Over that time our family has fallen in love with them. God has answered our prayers!

Today a Judge signed the papers that terminated their birth parents' rights. This is the start of the adoption process. Now we just have to wait for an official adoption date and all the legal paper work and stuff. 

But very shortly they will become Glasers and join my favorite group of people ever. At age 21, I get  2 more little siblings!  This brings the numbers to 5 girls & 5 boys. 

The perfect 10!

1 comment:

  1. Gabby, your family is absolutely beautiful.
    There are so many lessons Christians can learn from your parents and their love for the children that Jesus commands us to welcome and care for.

    I am eager to hear more about the process!